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Every year, I work with professional, college, high school, and junior high athletic teams plus public and private organizations facilitating hundreds of team-building programs. In our State today, we need to FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE to build a brighter future. I respectfully ask for your VOTE ON JUNE 26th to represent the values and interest of our State House District 33.  - John Talley

John Talley and his grandchildren
John Talley public speaking
Talley Family
John Talley with school youth



These are the words that John Talley has preached most of his adult life. A 40 year resident of Payne County, John has been ministering to youth and their families, always reinforcing the lesson to focus on the positive. With that focus, he says, you not only change your outlook about yourself but your outlook about others.

John was raised in Anadarko, Oklahoma. It was there he discovered his passion for agriculture and hard work through FFA and the sport of wrestling. After graduating high school John enrolled at Oklahoma State University. He is a proud member of the O Club, having lettered in wrestling, and holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture education.

In 1978, John became an ordained minister and has worked with young adults ever since. Today he is the director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes for North Central Oklahoma. In addition to his school visits through FCA, John’s ministry includes facilitating hundreds of team-building programs each year for professional, college, high school and junior high athletic teams plus both public and private entities from across the nation.

John and his wife Caryl have been married for more than 43 years. The couple have lived in District 33, since 1982. They have two grown children, and three grandchildren. Saul and Mary Beth Talley have two children, Stran and Elsie Clem and Grace Talley Willnerd and her husband Bryan live in Lincoln, Nebraska and have a son, Arthur. A family of educators, John has ministered to our communities for 40 years, Caryl is a retired teacher and administrator. As teachers, Saul and Mary Beth are both a part of the Stillwater Public Schools Community.



As your representative, I will focus on serving you. With your vote on June 26th, I will work at the Capitol to bring a common sense approach to state government. With a focus on teamwork and a positive attitude we can build a brighter future.

  • Listen Priority


    I will be in every community of District 33, just as I have been for the last 40 years. You can't represent what you don't know. As your representative, my first job is to listen to you and have a conversation about the hopes and needs of each District 33 community from Cushing to Coyle, Yale to Ripley, and Stillwater to Perkins.


    We must find a better plan which invests in our future. Investing in education and infrastructure provides a strong local workforce and builds more opportunities for better jobs and businesses. Consistent revenue and cutting waste and bad investment is key. Being fiscally responsible doesn't just mean cutting, it also means finding better ways of bringing in income to the state and in to Oklahomans' pockets.


    The rate at which we incarcerate people in Oklahoma is both immoral and fiscally irresponsible. I've seen it first-hand through my ministry visiting prisons across the state. Oklahoma currently spends more per prisoner than per pupil. True criminal justice reform will bring our prison system back to correcting criminal behavior so nonviolent offenders become productive citizens and keeping violent offenders behind bars.


    Representatives should be focused on who they represent. And the people we elect should reflect what is positive about our state, its people. Rural Oklahomans are hard-working, trustworthy, and giving people. I grew up and live in rural Oklahoma, and I want to represent rural Payne County.


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